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Press release writing service - new from MediaGraph

15 May 13

This week, we're pleased to launch a new press release writing service for subscribers to the MediaGraph platform.
We've launched the feature to help time-constricted clients get the most out of MediaGraph by outsourcing one of the trickiest parts of PR - crafting the press release that will e...

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The fastest press list you'll ever create

01 Apr 13

Google, the font of all knowledge that it is, collects a lot of information on related queries - that is, how searches for one keyword are often followed or preceded by searches for another one.
A while back, I saw that a related keywords feature has been added to the Google Docs spreadsheet app...

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Public relations client reporting from MediaGraph

22 Mar 13

Reporting back to clients on the activities your agency has undertaken can be a pain. That's why this month, MediaGraph launched a new reporting module for public relations clients that makes building reports for third parties a cinch.
MediaGraph reports tracks all of the activity that you under...

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Blogger pitches: how they're different from journalists

20 Mar 13


I've been thinking about blogger relations this week and thought I'd jot down some thoughts I had on the difference in approach between bloggers and journalists.
Bloggers look for a different type of value
By and large, journalists are employed, with a mandate from their emplo...

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Press release proofreading - some quick tips

05 Mar 13

Incredibly - despite the rise of spell checkers in everything from applications to iPhones to webpages - press releases are still regularly sent out with grammatical howlers that make journalists cringe. Everyone does it (spelling and grammatical errors pop up even in this blog from time to tim...

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Fun fact for Today

18 Feb 13

I came across this tidbit on the BBC's press pages this morning and just had to share it. Some BBC staff are currently on a 24 hour strike in a row over compulsory redundancies, which has forced BBC Radio 4's flagship news program Today off the air.
We had better hope that the strike does...

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How to optimize (not butcher) a press release for SEO

13 Feb 13

There are plenty of examples out there of press releases that have been so 'optimised' for search engines that they're barely readable. Needless to say, if your announcement has any news value whatsoever, you'll want to make sure your influencers can actually get to the point without landing in h...

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Tool to start the week: the PR jargon buster

04 Feb 13

It's good to start the week with a smile, so I'm loving this fun tool from PR gurus Twelve Thirty Eight.
It basically takes a collection of the world's most irritating PR buzzwords (you can see me ranting about some of my least favourite words here) and chops them out of any text you put ...

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Media & Content Marketing: how to produce for journalists

29 Jan 13

In the second of our series on the relationship between content marketing and public relations (see the first, on how to repurpose PR content for content marketing, here), I wanted to turn the tables.
As we saw last time, it's easy to use content from press releases in blog posts, social media...

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Pitching a startup to journalists: three great videos

27 Jan 13

Every now and then, tech journalists open up about how startups can best approach them with stories for their publications. I've posted a couple of the best videos below, so founders can get an idea of what tech journalists are really looking for!
Mike Butcher - TechCrunch

Martin Brya...

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How to respond to helpareporter or #journorequest well

25 Jan 13

Responding to a #journorequest or a query from a service such as Help a Reporter Out, DWPub or our new site Expertli should be easy - although as a journalist I've been on the receiving end of some truly terrible pitches.
So, here are a couple of tips to make sure your response is at the top of ...

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How press releases should work with inbound marketing

22 Jan 13

In the olden days, press releases were simply for the press. You'd write them, send them and forget about them, and hopefully a day or two later you'd read them again in some form in the newspaper.
Today, that's all changed. Press releases are shared widely, used as SEO tools, used to engage aud...

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Social public relations: What Facebook's Graph Search means for PRs and marketers

16 Jan 13

Last night, Facebook introduced  the 'third pillar' of its business after timeline and news feed - the Graph Search. A free-text search engine that is intended to answer using data from Facebook rather than the internet, graph search will initially let users search four categories – ...

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How quickly should you respond to a #journorequest?

11 Jan 13

In this exclusive-driven online world, having reliable, fast PR support when they need something is critical to the way most journalists work, and can determine whether a particular brand gets its announcement covered or not.
So last year, when I was still a journalist, I decided to do a little ...

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Startup public relations - are you ready for that big launch?

10 Jan 13

A common question journalists face from inexperienced pitchers and public relations pros alike is 'why didn't you cover my launch?'
There are plenty of reasons why this happens, ranging from it being a particularly busy day to a competitor having beaten a journalist to it, but a surprisingly com...

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New: travel PR for less with MediaGraph

09 Jan 13

Online public relations platform MediaGraph this week expanded into the travel PR space with the launch of MediaGraph for travel.
The launch brings MediaGraph's suite of advanced research and targeting tools to destination marketers, tourism boards, hotels, airlines and other travel bu...

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The press release format: a one-minute guide

07 Jan 13

I get asked a lot about how what a basic press release format should look like - despite there being countless places out there to find examples, it's still a pretty daunting process if you're just starting out. And a terribly-written news release is an easy way to ruin your relationship with the...

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Six reasons to use Twitter for a media pitch

04 Jan 13

A quick Twitter/media pitch brainstorm for the weekend - stick any other thoughts you have in the comments or tweet them @mediagraphPR and I'll add them in!
1. It's always there
You can tweet at a journalist at any time, either in public or via DM (if they follow you). That makes it g...

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Revealed: The most overused words in press releases (2012 edition)

02 Jan 13

I've already blogged here about the phrases I think should be banned from press releases on the grounds that they're plain ridiculous. But fortunately, the guys over at SHIFT Comms and MarketWire did some more scientific analysis late last year, coming up with a great list of the most overused wo...

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When's the best time to email journalists?

20 Dec 12

Time can sometimes seem like an irrelevance when you've got a great story to hand - surely, the logic goes, if it's this unmissable, EVERYONE will open the message to read about it? Sadly, it's just not true.
Although it sometimes doesn't feel like it, journalists have other stuff to do than rea...

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Eight resolutions to help you be better at public relations next year

18 Dec 12

With 2013 just around the corner, many of us will be thinking about how we can be better in the year to come. If you're short of ideas, why not give one of these a go?
1) Go for more coffees
You can do a lot online and from the office, but it never beats face to face relationshi...

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Five ways marketers can manage contacts better

14 Dec 12

As much as public relations is about the public, it's about people. If you want to manage your public image effectively, you're going to have to become a people person. And that means getting organised when it comes to knowing who's who. If a story is breaking and you want in, you don't have lo...

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The media directory

12 Dec 12

This week, we launched the world's smartest media index to help startups, SMEs and agencies connect better with journalists and publications.
Designed to increase understanding and relevance between businesses and the media, the MediaGraph directory uses hundreds of data points to build complete...

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Startups - don't forget about the story

07 Dec 12

One of the best pieces of advice given to us by a mentor on the Seedstartup programme was "make sure you have a story". Investors like stories, the prominent Middle Eastern VC explained, because they show the human side of a business and underline that progress is being made at the same time.
I ...

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Skip the newswire and build relationships with journalists properly

28 Nov 12

Today I feel a little uneasy. I've repeatedly told nearly everyone I meet that most journalists don't bother reading newswires because they'd rather be pitched in person. I've told them that most newswires are filled with worthless, poor-quality spam releases, that they're almost solely f...

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The media pitch: six things to include

23 Nov 12

I've seen a lot of pitches from both public relations professionals and companies, and I can tell you there's a massive gap between the best and the worst media pitch. And while I doubt any journalist has ever said 'that was the perfect pitch', there are several elements which can make ...

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Startups: TechCrunch (probably) isn't right for you

20 Nov 12

I must admit to being slightly surprised by this story, in which one PR company was found to have been selling 'pay as you go' coverage on TechCrunch for $750 a pop.
Not surprised by their business model -- because, as Martin Bryant rightly points out, PR-fed announcements are just part of the b...

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DIY public relations tools anybody can use: the megalist

14 Nov 12

The wonderful thing about DIY public relations is that many of the simple tools you can use to help you along are totally free - it's just a question of knowing where to look.
So if you're wondering exactly what you'll need to get started doing your own public relations (or even if you're a seas...

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Introducing contact notes and read notifications for PR pitches

10 Nov 12

This week, we rolled out some of the most exciting features to date for public relations people and marketers who use the MediaGraph platform to manage their favourite journalists and bloggers. Both are designed to work in conjunction with our recent changes that allow personal contacts to be imp...

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Two ways to become a source for journalists on Twitter

05 Nov 12

Sometimes, you don't always have to be proactive about your PR opportunities - occasionally you can sit back and let them come to you.
Twitter has proven itself phenomenally popular among journalists, which means they're always on the look out for sources on the social networking site. Small bus...

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