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Press release writing service - new from MediaGraph

Posted on 15 May 13
By Nicholas Holmes (Twitter / Google+)

new from MediaGraph - press release writing service

This week, we're pleased to launch a new press release writing service for subscribers to the MediaGraph platform.

We've launched the feature to help time-constricted clients get the most out of MediaGraph by outsourcing one of the trickiest parts of PR - crafting the press release that will eventually make your story. Of course, we've tried to give as many tips on building a great press release as we can on this blog - here, here and here, for instance, but we recognize that for some, there simply aren't enough hours in the day!

If you're a Media Announcement or Media Intelligence customer on the MediaGraph platform, just log into your account and raise a new ticket for help writing your release - or you can email to request a call back to discuss your needs. Media Complete subscribers should contact their account manager and request more information on the press release writing service.

As part of the service, we'll have a short call with you to understand your aims, target audience and requirements, before handing over your details to one of our specialists, who'll draft a professional, newsworthy and on-message press release, designed to get journalists and bloggers to pay attention to what you have to say. The press release writing service is priced according to a brief assessment of your needs at the beginning of the call - but this is what every package includes:

MediaGraph Press Release Writing Service - the steps

  1. Order your package from your MediaGraph account manager
  2. Have a 1-to-1 call with your account manager to establish the business objectives and intended target of your release
  3. Let our team of experts (all with professional communications experience) work their wonders with your news
  4. Receive the first draft of your press release within 72 orders of ordering
  5. Send back any amendments required
  6. Receive final version of the press release
  7. Log onto the MediaGraph platform, where your release will have been added as a template
  8. Distribute your press release

The new press release writing service is intended to help customers make more time for their distribution work. If we can help you, get in contact today - find out more by clicking the bar on the left or begin your free trial of the MediaGraph public relations software.